As a professional dancer, I know how important it is to stay in shape and I had always been able to maintain my fitness level with exercise. However, as I got older, I noticed that I could no longer get away with quick fixes, like coffee and sugar, to give me the energy I needed to keep up with my active lifestyle of teaching and performing. 


When I began to experience health issues and couldn't walk, I realized I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes. That was when I was introduced to ViSalus and found the vehicle I needed to make the changes I was looking for. Vi stands for "life" and Salus "health and prosperity". After one week, I experienced a positive change in my health and started getting back my youthful energy! In that moment, I realized this was a mission I could align myself with and I have not looked back. 


Today, I feel 20 years younger! In 12 weeks, I lost 8 lbs of fat and built 5 lbs of lean muscle on The Challenge.


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