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You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re

getting a great workout!




(Medium Intensity) 

5:30-6:30 pm






(Medium Intensity)


Carnaval Rehearsal

(Registered participants only)

8:30-9 pm

Hidden City Ballroom

304 Washington Ave.

Point Richmond, CA 94801






Suzie's Ballroom.JPG


private instruction



private instruction



Brazilian Samba Dance Class:

(mixed level-group classes)


(see more class details below)

Hidden City Ballroom

304 Washington Ave.

Point Richmond, CA 94801

To Register for a Class: click here



Final Rehearsals for Carnaval 2022 with Drummers (TBD):


Brazilian Samba Carnaval Rehearsal Dance Class

with Live Drumming led by

Jorge Alabe "Samba Rio"

FICA Studio

2513 Magnolia St

West Oakland, CA 

private instruction

Brazilian Samba Dance Class:


Get in the groove, sweat and swing to a variety of Afro-Brazilian and samba rhythms, while improving your dance technique and performance skills.


Learn basic technique, samba footwork, hip movements, arm styling & fun choreography that will boost your confidence on the dance floor!


The class includes full body warm-up, stretching and floor mat exercises.


(Wear comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes and bring a floor mat and towel.)


Seasoned instructor, Mary Dollar, will break it all down for you in an “easy to follow” format for all to enjoy!


about the instructor:


Mary Dollar, Artistic Director of Samba do Coraçao, has an extensive background in dance, including ballet, jazz, modern,  Afro-Brazilian, Brazilian Samba & Dunham Technique. With over 20 years of professional dancing and teaching experience, she has studied with master teachers in Brazil and the USA and has received numerous awards over the years for her choreography, visuals and costume design, including, "Carnaval SF Grand Champion". "Best Brazilian Group" and the "Special Achievement Award" for her services/ contributions to the SF Carnaval community.


group class fees:


 Adult/Teen Classes:

  • Teen Drop In: $15.00

  • Adult Class fees

  • $20 for a Drop In

  • $68 (4 Class Card), $17 per class

  • $96 (6 Class Card), $16 per class

  • $120 (8 class card), $15 per class

  • Note:

  • 4 Class Card is active for 6 wks

  • 6 Class Card is active for 8 wks

  • 8 Class Card is active for 12 wks


    All Class Cards are non-transferable and


    We accept cash, checks and PayPal.


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Carnaval_2014 (123 of 312) 2WarmupCircle
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Mary Dollar, Artistic Director/Dance Instructor




Debra K.

I have known and worked with Mary Dollar for nearly 30 years and in all those years I have known her to be a consummate professional, exhibiting compassion, knowledge, and a sense of community in her dancing, teaching, producing, costuming, and as a dear loyal trusted friend! Thank you Mary for shining bright with your smile and talents!

Sept 29, 2015, Debra is Mary's colleague



Douglas M. Small Business Coaching For Healers

Mary is brilliant dancer and seasoned instructor with many years of experience. She was a pleasure to work with at the Metronome Ballroom. Yearly, she was able to gather dancers for the annual showcase and put on a fantastic show - one that I personally looked forward to. Her dedication and showmanship to the art of Brazilian dance is infectious. I would recommend her highly.

February 9, 2010, Douglas managed Mary indirectly at Metronome Dance Center



Janet F. Dynamic Consultant | Compassionate Coach 

Mary was an Instructor at Cheryl Burke Dance and I worked closely with her while managing the operations there. Mary is a fabulous dancer and is a creative and enthusiastic instructor. I found her easy and fun to work with. I recommend her as an instructor or performer at any organization or event!

August 4, 2009, Janet was Mary's Supervisor



Christine S.

Dancing with Mary is a blast! I started with zero samba experience, but really her class is great for any level. Music lovers will appreciate the variety and authenticity of the music she chooses and exercise enthusiasts will enjoy the energy level of the class. Her knowledge of Brazilian culture, music and dance are obvious and elevate the experience. Definitely recommend. Enjoy!

February 17, 2015, Christine is Mary’s client



Ramona R.

I have been a student of Mary Dollar for 18 years, and I can't say enough great things about this teacher. She has a real talent for teaching movement and increasing fitness in dancers and non-dancers of all levels. In addition to teaching dance, she is a wonderful choreographer, costume designer and really knows how to pull off a fun and celebratory event. She has studied widely both in the US and Brazil and performed all over the world, so she brings that breadth to her work here in the Bay. Most importantly, Mary is very kind, supportive, motivating and a positive force for all that are around her.

Sept. 25, 2015, Ramona is Mary's client and member of her professional dance company



Elizabeth L.

Professional, Skilled, Sincere, Passionate, Fun = Mary Dollar. 

I had the pleasure of having my first Rio style samba class taught by Mary Dollar about 18 years ago now, and after that I was hooked! I then had the pleasure of performing with Mary for over 10 years. Mary was always great at breaking down the step well with good technique while being completely accessible to beginners. Classes were and still are positive and fun. She brings such a good energy to her classes and performances. Great music, fun choreography, great workout of course, and accessible for all levels of students when it comes to her samba classes, and always elegant, uplifting and professional when it comes to performing. Thank you Mary for being a shining and happily shimmying ray of light! ;)

Oct. 4, 2015, Elizabeth is Mary's client and member of her professional dance company



Tao L.

Fun, unique, Brazilian dance class!

l have been looking for a suitable dance class for my daughter and myself in San Francisco for a few years until l discovered Ms Mary Dollar's Brazilian dance class in the Richmond district. Ms Dollar combines dance, fun, and the right amount of work out in her routine so well that 60 minutes fly by without my daughter looking at the clock even once. It sure is fun, but more importantly, through out the whole lesson, l never forget lm also LEARNING how to DANCE!

Jan. 7, 2015, Tao and her daughter are Mary's clients



Anita N.
Professional and enthusiastic! My daughter danced with Mary in the San Francisco Carnaval last year and the year before. She loved it! Mary is an excellent teacher. She is always positive, patient and enthusiastic. My daughter learned a lot and had a great time dancing with Mary

Sept. 30, 2015, Anita is Mary's client



Urania C.

Mary is an excellent, dedicated and professional dance instructor! Because of her patience and attention to detail, the classes have been fun and easy to learn for both myself and my daughter. To us, mary is a very special person, as well as a widely known and respected artist with culture, class and charisma. A master dance teacher, she is foremost our friend.

September 26, 2005, Urania and her daugher are Mary's clients



Jenny P.

Mary is the best! Her class is tailored to all levels. I’ve been going for years. I always have so much fun and get a great work out. She uses the best music and choreographs great dance routines, exercises and cool downs.

Sept 27, 2015, Jenny is Mary’s client



Fasica A.

Great personality with amazing energy and enthusiast! She make everyone feel confident about themselves.

Oct 7, 2015, Fasica is Mary's client



Rachel C.

Friendly Fun Fitness!

Mary is a great dancer, a fabulous dance teacher, and she creates wonderful events. Mary turns pedestrians into dancers! Her teaching style is nurturing, and supportive, while also being challenging and fun. I highly recommend her Samba dance classes.

Oct 5, 2015, Rachel is Mary's client



Angelica Z.

I first began classes with Mary in 1997! I went back every year for SF Carnival! Mary is experienced and an amazing teacher. She is patient with students like me who really need a knowledgeable teacher who is able to break down a step to the smallest degree to help me get it right. I highly recommend Mary as a dance instructor! Not only is she professional (no drama in THIS class!) but, she is sincere and truly a kind soul. I still go back to her classes when I can to brush up on technique. Note: I have ventured off to "other" instructors for Brazilian Samba and Mary is the BEST when it comes to teaching dance TECHNIQUE!

March 26, 2015, Angelica was Mary's client


Jo G.

The classes are fast paced but Mary had me feeling as though I hadn't forgotten how to dance! I love Brazilian music! Sometimes there's live drums. The music really elevates the mood! We even worked on a short routine! No matter the level of expertise, everyone who attends a class with Mary; leaves knowing they really CAN Samba!

Sept 24, 2015, Jo is Mary's client



Margarie U.

She a very energetic , very positive ... She is always willing to show people ways to improve their lives. A great dancer and an excellent Samba dance instructor, she makes it all seem very easy to learn...Mary Dollar is a very sweet person who I really admire , I love her energy , such a great spirit and always treats me with love and kindness... She is simply AWESOME!

Sept.25, 2015, Margarie is Mary's client



Jennifer B.

Mary is a divine dance instructor. I studied with Mary for about a year and had the opportunity to dance in two Carnival's with her. She makes Samba so much fun and her exuberant energy is totally contagious! I appreciate her wealth of knowledge and authenticity to the dance form as well.

Sept 25, 2015, Jennifer was Mary's client



Clara K.

Great instructor and fun class!

I highly recommend this class for anyone who likes to dance and/or is looking for a fun way to get in shape! I took Mary's class as a beginner and loved it. Mary was really nice, patient and everyone in the class was friendly and encouraging. I ended up participating in her Carnival dance troupe and the experience was amazing. Overall, one can expect great music, dancing, workout, instruction and lots of fun.

Oct 5, 2015, Clara was Mary's client



Andrea B. 

Great teacher and experienced dancer!

I had the pleasure of taking my first Rio Samba dance class with Mary. She was very encouraging and patient in teaching me, and her classes were always fun and a good workout at the same time. I like that she takes her time to stretch and warm up for the class which is so important when you dance Rio Samba. She has a vast background in jazz and a tremendous knowledge about Samba and the dance world altogether. I've always loved her performances and shows, and when I told her so, she didn't hesitate to get me ready to perform in her troupe. She is a great choreographer and her pieces are fun and she makes it easy to learn. I'd recommend her to anybody who wants to get into Samba and become fit!

Oct 5, 2015, Andrea is Mary's client

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